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Poster Session Presentation

Division of Career Development and Transition of the Council for Exceptional Children,

Topic – improving self-determination skills of students with Asperger syndrome.

LeeAnn Wagner Cica, Ed.D., NCC

LeeAnn Wagner Cica, Ed.D., NCC has worked in public education and secondary transition for over 34 years.  She assisted students with disabilities make seamless transitions to employment and higher education.  Her experiences include CITY Connections, a Pittsburgh Public Schools post-secondary transition program and A-ACHIEVE, a pilot model collaboration between local school districts, PA state universities and students with ASD and their families.


A few things that we're proud of...


Coordinating Mock Interviews

Lee Ann Wagner-Cica, co-chair of the transition council and Aaron's teacher, said the mock interview event was important for the students because it was their first exposure to the interviewing process and the transition from school to the workforce.

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Her certificate in secondary transition, Master’s degree in community counseling, doctorate in special education, and practical experience working with youth and young adults with Asperger’s syndrome and ASD give her a unique perspective in coaching students as they transition to higher education.


Helping Students Learning to Interview

"They have been attentive, well-behaved, and taking this very seriously," teacher LeeAnn Wagner Cica said of students.

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LeeAnn Wagner Cica, Ed.D.

412.901.0851  ::  lawcica@striveacc.com



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