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Here are some excellent resources for families.


Secondary Transition Resources







Is the website home for Stephen Shore and internationally renown college professor from Aldelphi University who also identifies as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder?  This site contains information for families and individuals as well as video presentations and writings on matching best practices with persons with autism.



This is a toolkit produced by autismspeaks that provides information for families and individuals on learning to advocate.



This organization works to further the efforts of disability rights for people with Autism.  Their publication list, http://autisticadvocacy.org/resources/books/, provides readings on different topics in learning to advocate for self as a person with autism.



This grassroots organization in Pittsburgh seeks to advance the equity of persons with autism in all realms of life.


Getting Ready for College



The ARC-Autism Now site provides links to many of the different topics that families and students need to consider as the student discusses postsecondary options. Topics such as living in a residence hall, the differences between college and high school and disability services are discussed in a user-friendly manner.



Think college is the site to explore if you are or have a student with intellectual disabilities who wants to attend postsecondary education on a college campus.  Information on eligibility, funding, and different program goals are explained on this site.



This Autism Speaks site defines the different postsecondary options that are available to students.  It is a good place to start as you begin wondering about what postsecondary education might look like for you or as a parent – for your young adult.



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